Effortless Employee Check-In with NordicScreen Q-Desk: Step-by-Step Guide

Create Employees as Clients for Check-In

To show an employee on the Check-In solution, the person must be created as a client in Q-Desk via app.q-cal.net.

This guide describes how to create an employee on the "Har aftale" and "Har ikke aftale" list on the Check-In solution, respectively.

If you have a specially designed solution with several buttons and lists, some tags may have changed.

1. Select Main menu > Clients.

User interface of Q-Cal calendar application with 'Clients' option highlighted in the main menu dropdown.

2. Click the "+" button to create a new employee as a client. 

Q-Cal system interface with highlighted 'Create a new client' button for user registration.

3. Now add the employees necessary information. Name, email and phone number. 

4. You can now attach a login to the client.

A client (Employee) is displayed on the screen when the client has been assigned a "tag" which refers to the list or lists on which the employee is to be displayed.

Client settings form with options for tags, attachment, Tilkyt login, client type, and organization mail domain in the Q-Cal system.


Have an appointment: HarAftale

Does not have an appointment: IkkeAftale

Q-Cal sends emails and text messages to the employee when they are selected on the screen.

If the employee only wants mail, remove phone number and vice versa.

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