Get Q-Play on a Sony Screen (Google Play Store)

Get Q-Play on a Sony Screen (Google Play Store)

Part 1.

  1. Go to Settings > Network and Internet, and choose the desired network

NB: NordicScreen recommends using cable connection.

  1. Go to Account and Log in > Add your google account.

  2. Go to Device Settings.

  3. Select Date and time.

  1. Turn off Automatic Date and Time.

  2. Thereafter you can install the following menus: Date, Time and Timezone.

  3. Select 24-hour format.

  4. Now turn on Automatic Date and Time again.

  1. Select Power

  1. Turn Power saving off.

  1. Select a language.

    1. Choose your desired language

  2. Click on the Home-Button on your remote to close settings.

  1. Select Google Play Store, click the search bar and enter Q-Play.

Part 2. Configure Pro-Mode with Q-Play on your Sony screen.

  1. Click on Pro Mode Tool and thereafter Pro Settings Mode.

  2. Go to Settings and click on Pro Settings.

  3. Head down to AC Power and put it to Always ON

  4. Go down to Initial Input Source, choose Android App and find Q-Play.

  5. Head to Periodic Restart and turn it on.

  6. Find your way to the bottom, select Apps, press Q-Play and click Enable

  7. After you head back to to the top and press Start Pro Mode

Now you've configured your Sony screen with Pro Mode, and it will start up with Q-Play.

If you would like to exit Pro Mode, enter this combination on your remote.

*Info [i+]     —>   Mute     —>    Vol +    —>    HOME*

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