ProDVX Screen Settings: A Quick Guide to Accessing Q-Cal App Settings

How to close the Q-Cal Android App

To access settings on the ProDVX screen, the Q-Cal app must be removed from Home app mode. This is done by following this guide.

1. Press the following combo station on the volume buttons: 2 x Vol Down + 5 x Vol Up.

2. Then tap on Disable Home App Mode in the upper right corner.

3. Home app can now be removed and the necessary settings can be made. It is important that Q-Cal app is set to Home app when setup is complete.

Alternatively the above can also be done directly from

1. Go to Views > Meeting room displays.

2. Press this check mark on the far right.

3. Then put the device in Maintenance mode.

4. When the required settings are made on the device. Sets the device to Resume normal mode.

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