Create Seamless Check-In Experiences with Guest Registration Using NordicScreen Q-Cal: Step-by-Step Guide

How to create a Check-In view with guest registration

This guide shows step by step how to create a Check-In design with guest registration for you solution.

1. The first step is to log in to Q-Cal.

2. Here, click on Design.
Q-Cal scheduling interface showing a weekly calendar view for various categories like 'Ferie', 'Marketing', and 'Budget' on Tuesday, December 5, 2023.

3. You can choose what you want to create a design for. Select Check-In.

4. Choose the design called Check-In w/Guest Registration v2.0.

5. Name your design as you wish.

6. Customize the designs colors and more under Design on the right side.

7. Now click on Properties.
User interface for design configuration showing a sidebar with 'Properties' tab selected, detailing options like 'Bookings for the whole day is shown', 'Uses the guest list feature', and 'Uses the parking service feature'. The company name 'Mit Firma' is editable under 'Firma navn'.

8. Here you can change the designs properties, such as the company name and whether a guest list should be used.
Screen design for digital check-in with options and company information, including buttons for 'No appointment' and 'Find way'.

9. Once you're done modifying the design and properties, click Next in the bottom-left corner.
Digital check-in screen design interface with selectable options for 'Appointment', 'No appointment', 'Check Out', 'Visitor', and 'Find way' in Danish, including navigation for further customization.

10. Your design is now ready.
      A view needs to be created for this design. You can do this by clicking on Add View.
Interface showing completion of a design setup with an option to 'Add View' for further customization.

11. Select All Calendars under Source.
Screen showing the 'Create views' step with options to bind views to locations, such as 'All locations' and specific areas like 'Kantine' and 'Mødelokale 1'.

12. Click Next in the bottom-left corner.
Interface of a design creation workflow with an arrow pointing towards the 'Next' button, indicating the next step to take after creating views.

13. Both the design and view are now created. 
      Click Close.
Final step in design setup displaying a newly created view with an arrow pointing towards the 'Close' button to exit the setup process.

14. Click on Views and select Check-In.

15. Here, you can see all the Check-In views that have been created under your account.
Click Preview to see how the design looks before putting it on a player.
The Q-Play code should be inserted into the booking app in Q-Play. See how to do it here.
Check-In management interface with a list of entries showing ID, name, preview options, Q-Play code, design selections, binding to all locations, creation and update dates, and recent activity.

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