"Iiyama Display WebView APK Download and Installation Guide

How to install Webview on Iiyama Displays

This guide will show you where to download a WebView APK file, and how to transfer it to a Iiyama Display.

Make sure to have a USB stick with nothing on it prepared. There should be nothing on the USB, in case that the Iiyama display needs to format it.
To check if the Iiyama display needs to format the USB, follow these steps:

Formatting the USB stick:

1. Head to the Settings App.
2. Click on Storage

3. If your the Iiyama device says that your USB is corrupt. Select your USB Stick in the menu, and press Set Up. This will delete everything on your USB stick, so backup the files if you wish to save anything on it.
If your USB stick works fine with the device, ignore this step.

After that's done, your USB Stick can now be used to install WebView on.

While you're in the settings, click on Wi-Fi. Here you'll need to set the device with the network you wish. 
We recommend using an Ethernet cable if possible, as that would make the device more stable.

Part 1: Downloading the WebView APK File.

1. Head to this website.

2. Click the big blue button that says Download APK. 
Screenshot of APKMirror website displaying the download page for Android System WebView version 112.0.5615.135 for arm-v7a, with a download button and file size of 84.43 MB.

3. After a couple of seconds, the file will be downloaded. You can see it being downloaded in the bottom left corner.
Screenshot showing a download in progress for the Android System WebView app APK.

4. You can now transfer the APK file to your USB Stick. You can do this using File Explorer.

Part 2: Transfering the file to the Iiyama Display.

1. Plug the USB into the Iiyama Display.

2. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, and then select the APKInstaller App.
3. In the app, select Install and then USB Memory.
4. On the right side you will now see a file called something like com.google.amdroid.webview_112.0 and so on. Click on that file.
5. A window will now pop up. Press Install in that window. 

WebView is now installed!
To get Q-Cal on the device, follow this guide.

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