Dynamic Digital Signage with Video App: Enhance Engagement with .mp4 Videos

How to use the Video App

With the Video App you can add videos in .mp4 format, to your Digital Signage. We recommend that video files be kept as small as possible without compromising on quality, however max 200mb for the best result.

You'll find the Video App in the apps menu under the cart icon
User interface for template and background selection with options for spot templates, custom templates, standard backgrounds, media library, and color filling.

Click the Video App to add it to your spot.
Digital signage editing interface with a selection of standard apps including video player, YouTube, Klipfolio, and others.

Select the Video element to get the settings for the App in the right side panel. Here you can upload your video.
Video app properties dialog box open in digital signage software, with options to select video, adjust volume, and set quick placement.

A modal with your media library will now appear. You can add a new video from your computer by clicking Add Media.
Media library window with search bar and various images for selection including 'Add Media' in a digital signage content management system.

You can also choose from existing videos by clicking on the desired video in the media library. You can do this by clicking the Insert button in the toolbar at the top of the page. Alternatively you can simply double-click on the video.
Interface for adding media with selected file, search function, and various thumbnail previews of content in a digital signage system.

Your video has now been added. You can quickly adapt the video to fullscreen by clicking the Quick placement button.
Digital signage system showing video app properties with options for selecting video, adjusting volume, and quick placement settings.

If you have several spots in a series and want the entire video to be played before changing the spot, you can select the spot to switch when the video is done.
Video app settings panel on digital signage software with spot switching option set to 'At video end' highlighted.

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