1. The first step, is to login on Q-cal.

2. Now click on Main Menu and select Calender Integrations.

Booking system interface with 'Calendar Integrations' selected in the main menu, displaying a blurred weekly schedule view for Wednesday.

3. Next step, click on the "+"

Q-Cal interface displaying 'Calendar Integrations' page with options for adding new integrations, highlighting various synchronization settings.

4. Select Klub Office.

Selection menu for calendar integrations showing various platforms like Microsoft Office 365, Google Calendar, and FTP options with 'Klub Office' highlighted for choice.

5. Here can you see all the settings for the integration. Click on DBU module configuration.

Configuration screen for DBU module integration with fields for organization, integration type, and import frequency, highlighting a technician-only access section.

6. Now you need to find the "Klub ID". DBU has made a guide that shows you how you can find your ID.

When you've found your ID, you'll need to insert it in Q-Cal, Activate module, and click on Save & Close.

DBU module configuration interface displaying fields for Klub ID and options for standard duration, with an 'Activate module' toggle at the top right.