In this guide, we'll address the most common questions about using Q-Play on LG devices.

What internet speed is required to display video?
The recommended internet connection speed for displaying Q-Play content on an LG screen depends on various factors, including the type of content (e.g., static images, text, video), its resolution, and how frequently the content is updated.

Video content:
Standard Definition (SD): For standard resolution video content (480p), a connection of 5 Mbps is often sufficient. This may be adequate for basic content where fine detail is not critical.

High Definition (HD): HD video content (1080p) requires more bandwidth to ensure smooth playback without buffering. A connection of at least 20 Mbps is recommended to efficiently handle these data streams.

4K Ultra High Definition (UHD): For 4K UHD video content, which offers even higher resolution and therefore demands significantly more data, a connection of 50 Mbps or higher is advised. This ensures that high-resolution content can be played without interruptions or quality degradation.

What specific limitations exist for using video on LG screens?

The specific limitation for using video on LG screens, particularly for streaming via Q-Play, is mainly dictated by the screen's built-in WebOS system's capacity to handle media playback. These limitations are crucial to understand for anyone looking to utilize LG screens for digital signage, especially when integrating video content into their presentations.

Video app limitation:
A maximum of 4 videos spread across all designs.
Video playback requires significant amounts of both processing power and memory. Playing up to four videos simultaneously through Q-Play is close to the limit of what the LG screen's hardware can handle without compromising the system's stability. This means the system could become overloaded, leading to the app shutting down to protect the screen's overall functionality.

YouTube app limitation:
A maximum of 1 YouTube video and 1 regular video across all designs.
YouTube videos, streamed through Q-Play, pose additional demands on the system, not only because of the streaming process but also due to the potentially higher data requirements of videos from YouTube's servers. Hence, the limitation of one YouTube video and one regular video is set to prevent overload and ensure stable operation of the system.

Are there limitations on video when using other features simultaneously?

When using videos and other features simultaneously on an LG screen via Q-Play, it's important to understand how these interactions can affect the screen's performance and the quality of the content. While there's no limit on the number of slides you can display, certain considerations must be taken into account when combining different apps, especially videos, with other content types.

Using LG's built-in WebOS platform to run Q-Play may encounter limitations in handling content, especially regarding simultaneous playback of multiple videos or playback of high-resolution videos. This is because the screen's processor and RAM are designed to handle a certain level of load, and exceeding this level may lead to reduced performance, such as delayed loading, stuttering playback, or in the worst case, the app or screen restarting.

How does video size affect performance on LG screens?

To ensure the best visual experience on LG screens, it's crucial to pay attention to the size of the videos used. We recommend keeping video files within a 100MB limit to avoid unnecessary strain on the system's resources. It's worth noting that smaller video files not only improve performance on the LG screen; they also reduce the risk of lag and interruptions during playback. This is because videos on our platform are not stored in a local cache but are streamed directly from our servers. When a video is too large, it can lead to increased strain on the Q-Play server, affecting both playback quality and the system's overall responsiveness.

To optimize performance and ensure smooth playback, we strongly recommend using video files that do not exceed 20MB. By choosing smaller file sizes, you help reduce data traffic and ensure a more stable and reliable video stream. This is particularly important in environments where the internet connection may not be the fastest or most stable.

In summary, while our system can technically handle video files up to 100MB, using smaller video files under 20MB will provide a far better user experience. This ensures that your videos play smoothly and without unnecessary delays, contributing to a more satisfactory visual presentation on LG screens.

How powerful is Q-Play on an LG screen?

Q-Play on an LG screen is designed as a "light" player, ideal for simple uses such as displaying a few images and up to a maximum of 4 videos. It utilizes the LG screen's built-in resources, including the processor and RAM, to drive the content. This makes Q-Play a practical solution for basic digital signage needs, where complexity and resource requirements are limited.

It's important to note that since Q-Play relies on the screen's built-in capacity, its performance and ability to handle content may be limited by the hardware specifications. This means that if you need to display resource-intensive content or desire more advanced features like higher resolution videos, or playback of several heavy media.
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