Chromebit Q-Play WiFi Setup: Step-by-Step Guide for Network Configuration

Network on HDMI Chromebit Player

1. Connect a keyboard to the player.

2. Restart the player and press CTRL + ALT + S when the player starts to load.
Loading screen of Screenbuddy ApS on a digital display, waiting for network connection.

3. Now you see a colored “login” page with icons at the bottom.
On the right side you will find the wifi icon that you need to navigate down to using the TAB key.
Error message on a digital display indicating the kiosk application start was cancelled.

4. Navigate into wifi menu with the Enter key and select the desired network from the list, select with Enter key.
Device settings screen showing Bluetooth on, accessibility options, and volume control, with Danish keyboard layout selected.

5. Enter network info and exit with the ESC key.
Now navigate to the Apps icon on the left and press Enter twice to launch the Q-Play/Screenbuddy app.
Device screen showing user options including 'Sluk' for power, 'Apps', 'Anvend som gæst' for guest use, and 'Tilføj person' to add a user, with a blurred background.

6. Alternatively, you can take the power from the player, wait approx. 20 sec. and reconnect to launch the Q-Play/Screenbuddy app.

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