Q-Cal Android App Setup Guide: Optimize Your Meeting Room Display

Q-Cal booking app - Advanced

Instructions on setting up Q-Cal Android app.

Note: For references below to “website”, see https://app.q-cal.net/Views/MeetingRooms/

The Q-Cal Android app is compatible with devices running Android 4.1 up to at least Android 8.1.

When installing the app (from version 2.1.0), we do not recommend setting Sleep mode to “never”, but rather pick the lowest setting possible, for example 15 seconds. This is because the app controls sleep mode by turning on and locking the wake-state on its own.


When running the app for the first time, it detects and recommends setting the Default-app mode setting. This functions as a way for the app to take full control of the device. This will also make sure the app is activated if manually awakened from sleep mode.




The default-app mode also prevents entering settings. Default-app mode can be disabled from a button by setting the device to maintenance mode.

Disabling this mode can be done through activating maintenance-mode




On the device itself, maintenance-mode can be invoked, by pressing the Volume-down button twice and Volume-up button 5 times within 10 seconds. (In a future version, this combination can be changed or disabled through settings on the website)

Then disabling home-app mode can be done with the button described in the figure.


From the website, maintenance mode can also be invoked by command. To find the command menu, first press the cog-wheel next to a device and select the Live tab as shown in the figure to the left.





About the commands:

The commands are picked up by the display whenever the display makes a request back to the server. When the device is active, this will typically take less than 15 seconds.

If the device is asleep, this can take up to 15 minutes. This is depending on how long time it was since it fell asleep or how long till it is planned to wake up. With more than 2 hours on each end, it will take up to 15 minutes for a command to be carried out - the delay is lowered gradually according to activation time.


  • Standby: Reset last sent command.
  • Maintenance mode: Activates a command mode on the device with the following buttons:

  1. Show DeviceID: Shows device ID
    (Device ID is currently shown by default)
  2. Resume: Return to the booking screen
  3. Re-launch: Completely close and re-open app
  4. Upgrade: Activates upgrade mode
    (Only visible when an actual upgrade is available)
  5. Exit: Closes the app
    (App will re-open if HOME-APP mode is still active!)
  6. RFID-Test: Simulates activation of an RFID card with the value 0xC20FB9D6
  7. Disable Home-App Mode: Disables home-app/default-app mode. This can be necessary when required to change settings. After re-enabling, it is always recommended to restart the device.
  • Resume Normal mode: Exit upgrade- or maintenance mode.
  • Reset (App): Reinitializes the booking display.
  • Relaunch (App): Completely close and re-open app.

Upgrade mode

When an upgrade is available, a button will show next to the version number.

Pressing the button, the following dialog will appear:

Selecting one of the first three options puts the device, and optionally other devices into upgrade mode. If the screen is sleep, it will wake up automatically as soon as upgrade-mode is detected and be displayed with an upgrade button in the center of the screen.

Pressing the button activates the upgrade process, possibly requiring a few grants as well depending on the Android version.

After which you press Back and press the Upgrade button once more and accept the Install request.

Enabling power-saving options

Various power-saving options are available for the device. The options are currently only available on group level, which means you will need to create a device-group for the device.

The device can then be moved to a group, by dragging it by the  handle.

Notice the cog-wheel  next to the group name. Pressing it gives the following options:

About the power-saving options

Following options are available on Android APK version 2.1.0 and above:

  • Always on: The app will never attempt to save power by turning off the screen
  • Use Schedule: Use the schedule to enable power-saving at the specific times. The scheme follows the time-zone of the selected location/calendar for each device, but defaults to the organization.
  • Save power: The screens are in power-saving mode all the time.
  • Test Program: Turns power-saving on/off every second minute on every device in the group.

LEDs shine blue when sleeping:

This option is only available on some screens, where blue LEDs are installed, but allows the back-light LEDs to become blue when power-saving is in operation. Power-saving can always be disrupted by touching the screen. (On some very old devices, pressing the power-button is necessary)

The blue light gives an intuitive impression, that the device is still turned on, even if the screen is turned off.

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