How to Integrate ChurchDesk with Q-Cal: A Step-by-Step Guide

Set up ChurchDesk Integration

This guide describes how to set up Churchdesk in Q-Cal.

The guide is divided into 2 parts:

1. Contact Churchdesk for link delivery.
2. Set up the integration in Q-Cal.

To set up a Churchdesk integration in Q-Cal, you need a URL link from Churchdesk. To obtain such a link, you should contact them.

Write an email to

An example of an email could be:

"Hello Churchdesk Support,
I would like assistance in setting up a Calendar Integration for NordicScreen Q-Cal.
I am writing on behalf of (Company Name)."

Once Churchdesk support has sent you a link, you can proceed to Part 2.

Set up the integration in Q-Cal.

1. Open Q-Cal in your browser.
2. Click on Setup and then select Calendar Integrations.
3. Click on "+".
4. A window will open, and here you should choose ChurchDesk.
5. Now click on the iCAL Service Configuration tab.
6. Insert the link from Churchdesk into the iCalendar URL field.
7. Turn on Authentication and enter your username and password for Churchdesk.
8. Once everything is entered, click on Activate Module, and then click Save & Close.

Your Churchdesk calendar integration is now set up!"

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