Integrating Tech Hotel with Q-Cal: A Simple Guide

Tech Hotel

1. The first step, is to login on Q-cal.

2. Now click on Main Menu and select Calender Integrations.
Q-Cal scheduling interface displaying 'Main menu' dropdown with options including 'Screen designs', 'Media library', 'Calendar integrations', and 'Clients'.

3. Next step, click on the "+"

4. Select "Tech Hotel". 

Integration selection window in Q-Cal with various service options such as Office 365, Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, and KMD Booking.

5. Here can you see all the settings for the integration. Click on "FTP Server module configuration".

Configuration screen for a new calendar integration in Q-Cal, showing fields for basic setup and an FTP Server module configuration.

6. Fill out the field.
When done, Activate Module and click on Save & Close.

Module settings in Q-Cal showing fields for FTP server information, username, password, and other data export options.