Update from UniteConnectBooking to the Q-Cal booking App - ProDVX

Update from UniteConnectBooking to the Q-Cal booking App - ProDVX

It is always important that the Q-Cal Booking app on the meeting room screen is updated to the latest version. This guide describes how to update a screen from an old UniteConnect app to the latest Q-Cal Booking app from NordicScreen.

This guide is used for devices with version number below 2.0 which requires a manual process. Is Q-Cal booking app version 2.0 or later follow this guide. 

How to find the version of the Q-Cal App

By following this guide the screen forgets all settings. When setting up the screen for app.q-cal.net the designs and premises will have to be selected again.

The update is split op i 3 steps. 

1. Remove old software 

This is done by following this guide UniteConnect app - ProDVX.

NB. All data on the screen will be deleted.

2.Installation of new Q-Cal Booking software

Installation of latest Q-Cal booking App is done by following this guide Q-Cal on PRO DVX.

3. Connect screen to App.Q-Cal.net

The screen is now updated and just needs to be connected to app.Q-Cal.net.

To be able to add new screens on App.Q-Cal.net it requires a valid user. Use this guide to create a new user in Q-Cal.

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