Effortless WebBook Integration: Streamline Your Calendar with Q-Cal


1. The first step, is to login on Q-cal.

2. Now click on Main Menu and select Calender Integrations.
Calendar interface in Q-Cal showing 'Wednesday' with options for 'Main menu', 'Views', 'Design', 'Calendar integrations', and 'Clients' highlighted.

3. Next step, click on the "+"

Q-Cal interface displaying the 'Calendar integrations' section with options to search, show for all organizations, and a highlighted button to add a new integration.

4. Select WebBook

Popup window showcasing various calendar integration options such as Office 365, Google Calendar, FTP, with 'Sport Solution' currently selected.

5. Here can you see all the settings for the integration. Click on WebBook module Configuration.

Configuration screen for WebBook Module integration with fields for organization details and synchronization settings, module currently inactive.

6. In this step you will need a subdomain from webbook, after that you will need to enter your username and password.

Now Activate Module, and click on Save & Close.

WebBook Module configuration interface showing fields for subdomain, username, and group ID, with module activation toggle set to off.