Setting Up Q-Cal Meeting Room Displays: A Step-by-Step Guide

Installation guide for - ProDVX Meeting Room Screen


The Q-Cal Meeting Room Screen is an advanced solution designed to improve meeting planning and room management. With a user-friendly interface and connectivity options, Q-Cal supports efficiency in your work environment.


  1. Read all instructions thoroughly before starting.
  2. Place the screen near a power source and within range of your internet connection.
  3. Avoid placing the screen in direct sunlight or near heat sources to prevent overheating.

In the Box:

  1. Meeting Room Screen
  2. Power Supply

Not Included:

    1. Internet Cable

    Pre-installed Meeting Room Screen

    If you have purchased a meeting room screen through one of our partners, Q-Cal will already be installed on the screen. If it is a screen you have acquired yourself.
    follow this guide for the installation of the Q-Cal software.


    1. Choose a location that is easily accessible and visible to all meeting participants.
    2. Ensure that the screen is mounted at eye level for the best visibility.
    3. Place the screen close to the meeting room it represents to avoid confusion.
    Internet Connection
    1. Network Cable: For the most stable connection, it is recommended to use a network cable. This ensures a constant connection without interruptions.
    2. WIFI: If a wired internet is not an option, ensure your WIFI connection is stable and strong at the screen's location.

    Before Installation

    A successful installation of the Q-Cal Meeting Room Screen begins with thorough preparation. Before starting the actual installation process, there are some important steps to take to ensure everything goes smoothly.


    1. It is essential to find the optimal location for your meeting room screen. This involves a position where the screen is easily accessible and visible to all users, while also not being exposed to direct sunlight or other heat sources that can affect its function.


    1. Decide whether you will use a wired connection or WIFI to connect your meeting room screen to the internet. A wired connection is recommended for the most stability and reliability, but if this is not possible, ensure that your WIFI connection is strong and stable at the chosen location.


    1. Required hardware, tools, wall brackets, etc.

    If the above is not possible, or in case of problems, immediately call Nordicscreen for assistance at: +45 71 92 62 22.

    During Installation

    Once you have prepared everything necessary for your Q-Cal Meeting Room Screen and chosen the optimal location, you are ready to start the installation process. This section guides you through the necessary steps to get your screen up and running.

    1. Connecting Power: Start by connecting one end of the power supply to your meeting room screen and the other end to a power outlet. It is important to ensure that the screen lights up as a sign that it is receiving power correctly.

    2. Confirm Startup: Shortly after the screen turns on, a pop-up dialog box will appear. Here, you should select "Yes Please" to confirm that you wish to continue with the setup.

    3. Find Home App: From the main menu on your screen, navigate to and select "Home App".

    4. Activating Q-Cal Booking: Within "Home App", find and select "Q-Cal Booking". This is the central application for your meeting room screen, enabling you and your colleagues to book meeting rooms directly from the screen.

    5. Completing Setup: Complete the setup by pressing the back button, located at the bottom of the screen. This will take you back to the Q-Cal app, where you should now be ready to use your meeting room screen.

    After Installation

    Once the installation is complete, and you see a "connect code" on the screen, you are ready to connect the meeting room screen to Q-Cal.

    Connect the Meeting Room Screen to Q-Cal.

    1. Select "Screens" in the top menu to navigate to the screen overview.

    2. Find and click on "Meeting Room Display" to open the options for meeting room screens.

    3. Click on "Add Screen" to start the process of adding a new screen.

    4. Enter the 4-digit code displayed on the physical screen into the designated field to pair the screen with the system.

    5. After pairing, select the desired design and confirm your choice by clicking "Save & Close."

    If you encounter any problems or have questions during the installation, please contact NordicScreen Support.

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