Q-Cal Installation Guide on QBiq Device: Step-by-Step Instructions

Q-Cal on QBiq TD-1050

You'll need an USB stick preferably with nothing on it, as there is a chance that the QBit device won't accept your USB Stick, and it'll need to be formatted by the QBit device.
First step is to check if the device needs to be formatted.

Formatting the USB stick:

1. Head to the Settings App.
Android device app screen with icons for ApkInstaller, Camera, Downloads, Explorer, Gallery, Lighting, Music, ProxyDroid, Search, Video, and highlighted Settings gear icon.

2. Click on Storage
Android device settings menu showing options for Wi-Fi, Cellular networks, Proxy, Sound, LED, Security password, with Storage option highlighted.

3. If the QBit device says that your device is corrupt. Select your USB Stick in the menu, and press Set Up. This will delete everything on your USB stick, so backup the files if you wish to save anything on it.
If your USB stick works fine with the device, ignore this step.
Storage settings screen showing device storage at 2.21 GB used of 7.28 GB and portable storage for a USB disk with 115 MB used of 28.88 GB.

After that's done, your USB Stick can now be used to install Q-Cal on.

4. While you're in the settings, click on Wi-Fi. Here you'll need to set the device with the network you wish. 
    We recommend using an Ethernet cable if possible, as that would make the device more stable.

Install the Q-Cal APK file:

1. Plug the USB stick into your PC.
2. Open Q-Cal in your browser.
3. Click on Views at the top of the site, and then select Meeting Room Displays.
4. Now click on Download For Android, and in this menu you'll need to select the newest version.
    The file will now download on your PC, and you can move it to your USB Stick using the File Explorer.

Install Q-Cal on the QBit Device:

1. Insert the USB Stick into the QBit device.
2. Open the APKInstaller app.

3. Click on Install.

4. On the left side you'll need to click on USB Memory.

5. On the right side there will now be an option called something like "Q-Cal-2.1.10-release.apk". Click on that option.
ApkInstaller app showing storage options with 'USB Memory' selected.

6. A window will now pop up. Click on Settings.
Security warning displayed for app installation from unknown sources with 'Settings' button highlighted.

7. Turn on Unknown Sources. Press OK in the windows that pops up.
Tablet security settings showing the option to allow installation of apps from unknown sources, currently turned off.

8. Head Back to the APKInstaller App. Do this by pressing the Square at the bottom of the screen, and selecting the APKInstaller App.
9. Click on Q-Cal APK File again, and then press Install.
Prompt to install the 'Q-Cal Booking' application from external storage, with the 'Install' button highlighted, indicating the next step in the installation process.

10. When the app is installed, click on Open.
Confirmation message stating 'App installed' with options to either 'Done' or 'Open' the newly installed 'Q-Cal Booking' application.

11. Q-Cal will open up. A window opens up, and you'll need to click on Yes Please.

12. The settings app will now open. Click on Home App, and then select Q-Cal Booking.
Android tablet settings screen showing 'Home app' option highlighted, currently set to 'No default Home'.

Android tablet settings pop-up for selecting a 'Home app', with the option 'Q-Cal Booking' highlighted.

13. You'll need to restart the QBit Device after doing this. This is done by disconnecting the power and connecting it again.

The QBiq device now runs Q-Cal!

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